Our friend Mr Trials of Funkoars ‘Fame/Friendship’ makes a guest appearance on ‘State of the Art’. He tears up one of our favourite tracks on the album ‘The Light You Burned’. He also does a remix for us on the ‘Chase That Feeling’ single. For those that don’t know, get familiar…


~ by Hilltop Hoods on April 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “MR TRIALS – GET FAMILIAR”

  1. Trials is insane! Good to hear he features on the new album.

  2. btw if you haven’t heard of the Funkoars definitely check out their stuff, almost better than these guys =P

  3. Persent company excluded, Certified is in my opinion the dopest video clip oz hip hop has to offer… as i said.. present company excluded 😉

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