Since we did the blog on cheap home recording we’ve had quite a few emails from people asking us to do a blog on DJing. It seems most people want to know how to get in to it and what’s need to get started so I’ll focus on that first…

Obviously your going to need some turntables. If you can afford it, go for the industry standard turntables Technics 1200’s.

Technics 1200's

Technics 1200

If the Technics 1200’s are out of your price range then go to your local DJ shop and ask to try some of their cheaper turntables, be aware that the quality of the cheaper turntables varies greatly. The main thing to look out for is the drive system, try to steer clear of belt driven turntables as they don’t respond to scratching well. The best type of turntable is direct drive. If your on a budget, a good turntable to start with is a Stanton T60.

Stanton T60

Stanton T60

Next you’ll need some good needles. My personal favourites are the Shure M44-7’s. They stick like glue to the record no matter how hard you scratch. Grab these if you can afford them then as there’s nothing worse than trying to learn a new scratch with cheap needles that skip every time you touch the record.

Shure M44-7

Shure M44-7

The last thing you’ll need is a DJ mixer. There are a huge amount of them to choose from but a great value mixer to get started with is a Stanton SA-3.
They don’t cost a lot and they are really rugged mixers. The faders last for a long time and don’t cost much to replace.

Stanton SA-3

Stanton SA-3


~ by Hilltop Hoods on April 20, 2009.

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