Today our DVD ‘City OF Light’ was nominated for an ARIA (non-Australians ARIAs are our Grammys/Junos/Brits).

It’s recognition of the great work the people at Oasis Post do (they’re the crew who put together our last two DVD’s). We ‘d like to thank Richard Coburn, Martyn Zubb, Marty Pepper, Kate Butler, Jade Robinson and Annalise in particular.

Here’s a snippet – a track we did with Lowrider exclusively for the DVD…

Here’s another snippet – ‘Breathe’ live with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra…

I’ve got to admit I’m still wondering why Drapht didn’t get a nomination for Best Urban.


~ by Hilltop Hoods on September 10, 2008.


  1. Congrats Fellas! It’s awesome viewing…well deserved!!

  2. Awesome job on the dvd guys….its definately a winner in My eyes!

  3. Hey Guys,

    You totally deserve your Aria nomination.. You are the best..

  4. Ihr seit einfach echt die Besten!
    freu mich schon auf das neue Album – hoffe ihr kommt mal nach Europa… =D Ihr habt die Auszeichnung mehr als jeder andere verdient =D
    Hab’ die DVD aus’m UK-Import.
    Weiter So!

    Best regards from Austria
    For translation please mail me 😉

  5. Best of luck with your Aria nomination and your new label. You continue to raise the bar for Aussie Hip Hop. Waiting impatiently for your new CD – mid 2009 is so far away!!!

  6. Yeah.. why DIDN’T Drapht get nominated.. Brothers Grimms a seriously dope album.. but if you look at it, about half of the nominees were off Obese anyway.. which is a good thing of course..
    great work with the DVD too.. love the graff work by Nasty Arts as well..

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