Yep, in addition to the website, online store, Youtube channel, Myspace and Facebook we now have a blog.

We have this internets shit on lock. Like Star Wars kid.

We’re going to try and make this a little different to everything else we’ve got going though. Less news/updates and more mindless chatter. We got this mindless chatter shit on lock too.


~ by Hilltop Hoods on September 8, 2008.

11 Responses to “A BLOG TOO?”

  1. bloody good boys wish i knew about that small show i would have been there fo sho so whats next for the hoods? more touring or recording or whats cranking fellas?


  2. “We got this mindless chatter shit on lock too.”

    Easily the best thing I’ve read all day.
    Probably all week. And I’ve read a LOT this week.

  3. i love that music to, this is heaps different!!!
    love it ❤

  4. but u all r still beta! i didnt no that u came to melbourne!!!!
    come soooooon

  5. haha, funny shit, cant wait for more, next time you guys are back in your hometown, try to have a underage show yeah?

  6. Hey, I love mindless chatter shit! X

  7. So many sites!…Next up you’ll need the Hilltop Hoods search engine…the Hilltop Hoods operating system…and a full staff to run it all, haha! Loving it!

  8. mindless chatter from the hoods? will definetly have the page on lock. fresh!

  9. Thanks for joining us everyone.
    We’re in the studio at the moment working on the new album, hopefully we’ll be able to share some of it with you all soon.

  10. love ya work boyz, wish id known about your show at the music bowl, wouldve been there to throw a fat scoob on the stage, keep it up. cheerz

  11. sweet, New album definatly keen on that one.
    consider one sold!! ha, by the way had you guys playin on my weddin.. catch

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